Performance & Installation 

Variable dimensions / Stereo / 15 min. 

Piel. Rehearsal at Concordia University. Photo © Laura Acosta

An ambiguous body-sculpture is exhibited as an artwork in a gallery setting, The audience witnesses the awakening of this being, who performs automated body cliches with a selfie stick and online streams its performance. 

The installation displays a series of handwritten signs with several messages, sentences and short paragraphs. Apparently disconnected, these signs aim to configure the fragmented speech of the body in display. 

The action is completed by a soundscape that mixes low-frequency samples, a techno composition, indigenous chants and sounds of nature and a vocal performance. The distorted voice travels through diverse pitches, reflecting and expanding the declarations contained within the walls through the installation.

The work proposes connections between high technology, the use of mobile and surveillance devices, racial fetishization, sex robots and automation. 

Piel. Live performance at Foundry Darling, Montreal, May 2018. Photo © Kaja Levy