Large-scale sculpture and multichannel video installation. 2023. Variable dimensions.

Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal, CA

“Dismembered fixations” is a large-scale five-channel video and sculptural installation. The work includes a video performance, a CGI video piece, a patterned wallpaper and a massage bed upholstered with printed velvet, both created out of body scans.

“The piece considers the way that queer and racialized bodies are often only put on display as spectacle in mainstream media. In the video performance, we see the artist as an elaborately dressed character reciting a monologue on the representations and performances of the self that both pays homage to and satirizes the format of reality TV confessionals. 

The monologue and performance make references to philosophers Michel Foucault and Paul B. Preciado, as well as the popular television program, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning. It also suggests a particular self-awareness of the ways in which image-making within networked technologies becomes a vehicle for both personal gain and public consumption.”

From “Identity: Technology and Self-Expression” by Kim Johnson &  Prakash Krishnan from the Phi Foundation.

Installation view, Terms of Use, 2023, PHI Foundation. Francisco González-Rosas, Dismembered Fixations, 2023 © PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, photo: Richard-Max Tremblay

Dismembered fixations, selected videostills, 2023

Dismembered fixations, installation shots. Photo documentation: document original