Audiovisual Performance

Digital / HD / Color / Stereo / 45 min 

Adolescent Sex, Live Performance at Centro Cultural de España, Santiago, Chile, May 2016. Photo © Valentina Opazo

An atmospheric narrative gives shape to the sexual awakening and traumatic early stages of the social life of a queer teenager. Based on excerpts of the artist’s real teenage diaries, the passages are rewritten configuring an emotional declaration where a blurry subject wanders about life, death, violence and desire.

Visually, the work was built from video performances recorded with an iPhone. These DIY reenactments become late responses to the desires contained in the diaries. These video performances were later filtered through image software, becoming graphic and collaged compositions where the performative footage is almost unrecognizable.

In terms of the sound, the rewritten texts became a soundscape based on electronic samples, pieces of songs, choruses and vocal synthesis.

Both the visual and sound elements were mixed and performed live.

Adolescent Sex, Selected video still.