Multimedia performance

P.O.LO. CVNT, Open Studio, Studio Alta, Prague, August 2020. Photo © Anežka Medová

P.O.L.O. is an ongoing performance art process produced by the time-based media artists Sergio Patricio (Austria-Chile) and Francisco Gonzalez (Canada-Chile). Conceptually, POLO is a subjective device of re-mediation of the meta-relationship between half-real and half-fictional characters Robocop & Angel. This exploration focuses on the collection and (over) exposition of experiences, gestures, poses, bodies, documentations and sounds found by the artists. Besides the studio work, the different elements are generated through interactions with space (the city), bodies (other artists or people they meet), as well as the particularities, tensions and attractions of their own friendship. A queer lens is used as a filter of observation to examine the ethics/values of the social and cultural context where POLO is activated. The artists address this flux of data through a corporeal practice, which also involves digital body supplements. The strategy crosses online and offline environments.

In the summer of 2018, AngelRobocop met for the first time and created a methodology called “real-life documentation of sharing”, based on queer experiences and leftovers of mediated social interactions.  

Up to these days, Polo has worked out exclusively as a creative process with intensive working encounters in Venice, Berlin, Montreal, New York and Prague. In these last three places, the artists have presented the work through open studios.