Video Performance; 3D animation; digital pieces. 2021.

Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal.

performance.png, Selected Still.

performance.png is a project composed of two video performance pieces -“performance.png” and “Diorama of a synthetic Other”- a 3D animation piece -“Silicone Francis Francois” and a series of digital renders displayed as a gallery website. This work was curated by the Musée d’art actuel / Département des invisibles, for the third iteration of the online show Quadrature, titled “Sak Vid Pa Kanpe” (An empty sack cannot stand up), commisioned by Galerie de l’UQAM in Montreal.

Through its different elements, the project is an exploration of image production in parallel contexts: in the software, the psyche as well as culturally. How a stereotype is created and the way with which meaning is assigned visually.

Curatorial text by Musée d’art actuel / Département des invisibles:

performance.png is a video performance by the artist Francisco Gonzalez-Rosas that examines cultural stereotypes through the body as an object of desire and consumption. The body—exotic, erotic and broadcast by the mirror-eye of the device—expands and multiplies, as if editing its own reflection. It is about magnification of the self and representation of the subject who, with his maracas, debunks the tropical fantasy of the South. Narcissistic and artificial, he likes to look about and to gaze upon himself draw attention to the society of spectacle, reinvented by the selfie industry and the depiction of racialized otherness.